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Futons 101 – Intro to Dorm Life

They say that your freshman year in college is some of the most fun you’ll ever have. Every day, you’ll be meeting new people, living on your own, and doing a lot of those things you probably weren’t allowed to do in high school. Ironically, your biggest experience in college will be spent sleeping in the smallest living space you’ll ever see: The dorm.

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The average dorm room is only 12 by 19 feet, which means you, AND your roommate will have just around 230 square feet to lay your feet and spend that precious downtime. Whether you’re a high school graduate headed off to college next month, or a parent watching your kid leave the house for the first time, one of the most common words you’ll hear when you’re out shopping is “Futons”.

For sleeping and lounging, futons are just about the only types of furniture you can fit into a dorm. Luckily, they’re also the most cost-effective and reliable.


The most common type of futon you’ll find in a dorm is the Bi-Fold Sofa Bed. Not only is it a simple, lightweight design, but it adjusts between couch and bed positions in a snap. For the average dorm size, the bifold is the easiest fit. Here’s a quick comparison :


Technically, you have a choice between buying a metal or wooden futon frame. However, realistically speaking, wooden frames are always the obvious winner. Metal frames are usually weaker, and prone to shaking back and forth when you’re sitting down. It’s not the most relaxing either. Unless you have a fine thick mattress to insulate your posture, your back is most likely going to feel those metal rungs. Not to mention, that harsh, squeaky noise they make when you sit down is not the most comforting sound.

Our wide-selling Bi-Fold Sofa Bed is made of 100% unfinished poplar hardwood. Not only is it environment friendly, but it stays quiet and stays in place when you sit down.


Bed Position

Couch Position


If you’re looking for an alternative to the bi-fold sofa, futon lounger is a little less common, but just as convenient. Instead of just two of the bi-fold’s basic positions (couch and bed), our Tri-fold Lounger features a “lounger position”, providing a reclined angle with full leg support. If you want to take up less space and don’t mind a smaller width to your couch, the tri-fold is a perfect alternative.

Loveseat Position

Loveseat Position

Lounger Position

Lounger Position

Bed Position

Bed Position

When it comes to dorm life, space is always key. But even with a futon, it can get pretty tight, especially if you (or god forbid your roommate) bring too many items on the move-in date. That’s why lofted beds are a perfect way to expand your living space. Most college dorms offer the option of having lofted beds, which allow your futon and other furniture to sit neatly underneath.

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When it comes to sleeping in your dorm room, you might even trade that rough dorm mattress for a better night’s sleep on your futon frame. But if you have to spend the night on a dorm mattress, shop4futons can still help out.


Dorm mattresses are known to be thin and unstable, but with a Campus Mattress Topper, you won’t feel it at all. With 2 inches of high quality memory foam, it’s a perfect, body sensitive support between your back and that unstable dorm bed.