Accessorize – Great Additions to your Futon Furniture

So your new apartment is all set up and you’re finally moved in. Your futon furniture is in place, those college posters are hanging on the wall, and hopefully that new roommate of yours has finally got their stuff out of the way. All that’s left to do is wait for classes to start, so why not continue improving that living room or bedroom, and making it a better place to come home to?

When it comes to home furnishing, there’s one word you should always remember. ACCESORIZE! Buying that sofa bed or twin-size loveseat is one thing, but choosing the right accessories to surround your furniture is the key to bringing life to your home.


If pets can accessorize, then so can you!

A common misconception about futon furniture is that they all stand alone. In other words, most people buy their futon frame and mattress, thinking that’s all they really need. The truth is that a wide selection of futon accessories are readily available to match and complement any type of futon, and they’re just as cost-effective and reliable.

For instance, when you’re buying a sofa for your living room, a coffee table is practically essential. Most coffee tables can run a high cost, when all you’re trying to do is have a place to lay your books or feet on. Luckily, our futon accessories are built with the same high-quality poplar wood as our futon frames. The unfinished, natural look of our coffee table also matches perfectly with our Bifold, Trifold or Savannah futon frames.

Most coffee tables can run you $80 or more, even when you’re shopping at Target. Our coffee tables carry a natural, minimalist design with no sharp corners. Plus, they’re less than $50.

Our finished products, like the Winston Sofa Bed and Eureka Sofa Bed, feature a more high-end look. Designer furniture can be a bit more costly, but it’s all the more reason to accessorize.

Corona Table_Cherry_640x426 futon with drawers

The Corona Coffee Table and Corona End Table are made to match any finished frame. They’re made with the same plantation-grown rubberwood, and come in the same variety of colors as our frames. To save space in your living room, you may also want to check out our Rolling Futon Drawers, which fit perfectly underneath any of our finished sofas.

Of course, no sofa or lounger is complete without the proper cover and pillows. In fact, buying the right futon cover is just as important as buying the right futon.

teal_futon_cover        durable_pastel_futon_covers

At Shop4Futons, we offer four different types of futon covers that serve a diverse range of preferences. for everything you need to know about our covers, check out our Covering It Up article, all about futon covers.

When it comes to buying the right pillows, you can always use those old heavy ones that used to match that 300-pound, never-been-washed couch.



When youre accessorizing, its never a good idea to use those old, worn out pieces lying around the house


At Shop4Futons, everything from our frames down to our accessories are light and simple. Our pillows comes in a huge variety of solid colors and simple shapes. Most of all, they’re easy to take care of, and never go stiff.

Our Throw pillows and Bolster pillows are made from thick 6.7 oz. heavyweight polycotton twill fabric, not the thin sheeting material sold by many others.