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What’s in a Mattress?

Sleep health is hard to keep up with. We never really think about it until we get sleepy, and by the time we become sleepy, we’re too drowsy to even think!


It’s easy to forget that the average person spends about one-third of their entire life in bed. That’s why for the Fall season, we’ve dedicated our blog to healthy sleeping habits.

September was all about identifying the best sleep position, while Last month’s blog was all about Choosing the Right Bed Frame. Now that you have a healthy sleep position and solid foundation for support, it’s time to choose the perfect mattress.

futon mattress

Our Otis Haley 150 is one of our widest selling futon mattresses, consisting of high-density foam and polyester fabric.

Usually, if a mattress feels right and isn’t too expensive, we’ll end up buying it. But will your mattress last long enough? Does it protect against allergens and dust mites? Most of all, do you even know what’s inside the mattress you’re about to buy? Knowing what to look for inside a mattress will save you a lot of time and money, and will benefit your sleep health in the long run.


A majority of mattresses and sofa pads consist of foam. For the most part, foam is used to conform to your individual curves and relieve pressure points. When laying on a foam pad, imagine laying on a mold that supports all parts of your body.

Egg crate foam is found inside many mattresses, such as our Serta sycamore and Wolf Pocket Coil Supreme

Egg crate foam is found inside many mattresses, such as our Serta sycamore and Wolf Pocket Coil Supreme.

Foam also allows your mattress to respond to temperature changes. Due to the nature of foam, its material becomes firmer in lower temperatures and softer in higher temperatures. This means that your mattress will naturally soften when it comes in contact with your body heat.


Cotton is used both inside and outside of the mattress. Due to its soft, breathable surface, it’s widely regarded as the best material to sleep on. The surface of you mattress is most likely cotton-based, which makes the encasement for most mattresses.


Our Wolf EcoCloud is one of our widest-selling mattresses, and consists premium cotton batting for better resiliency, easier handling and converting into a futon mattress.

The quality of cotton can vary significantly between mattresses. Longer cotton fibers allows for a more resilient mattress. For instance, our Wolf EcoCloud and UltraSleep Plus mattresses incorporate a high-grade cotton batting, which contain longer linter staples and provide more resistance and better resiliency.

Not only does cotton line the inside and make the outer casing of your mattress, but most bed sheets and mattress covers consist of cotton. Unless you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a silk bed set, you’re bed sheets are more likely a breathable, durable blend of cotton.

bed sheets

Our 100% natural cotton sheet set is hypo-allergenic and chemical free, providing the healthiest sleep option.


Mattress covers are essential for protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and unwanted sleep hazards. Our BedGuard Mattress Cover is a breathable, waterproof encasement. It’s also allergen-free.

It’s important to choose the right type of cotton, however. Some types of cotton can be unhealthy, and are often treated with pesticides and chemical additives that can make your 7-8 hours of rest unpleasant. That’s why it’s always best to go with 100% natural cotton for a healthier option.


Steel coils, also known as pocketed coils, are a key component for support in many mattresses. Aside from providing a suitable substitute for the trampoline when you were a kid, pocketed coils make the innermost part of a mattress, creating firm base support and long-term durability.

pocketed coils

More coils in your mattress don’t always mean more for your level of comfort, but they play a major role in reducing movement during sleep and offering overall support.

serta redbud

Our Serta Redbud consists of 312 individual cloth pocketed coils, layered with high-density and cotton batting for a lifetime of firm support.

Our premium mattresses are layered with a consistent, high-quality blend of these materials. Each product listing shows you the inside of your mattress, and provides labels for each layer of material, so you know exactly what you’re sleeping on. Check out any of our 16 mattresses to see what fits you best, and start sleeping healthy!