Close-Outs are Here at Shop4Futons!

Since 1984, we’ve specialized in some of the best quality futon products money can buy. Made from 100% unfinished poplar hardwood grown in the appalachian mountains and offered at the most convenient prices you’ll ever find, it’s no wonder that Shop4Futons has been a driving force in the online realm of furniture outlets. That’s why we’re showing our customer appreciation by shelling out a brand new section devoted to the best deals you’ll find: CLOSE-OUTS!

Our new Close-outs section of Shop4Futons will show you a brand new set of deals that range from 25-50% off some of our best products. Here are just a few products we have available for a limited time.

Designer Futon Cover

Our Designer Futon Cover is one of the most reliable futon covers around. Most futon covers consist of a solid cover, rather than a patterned design, but when it comes to the type of fabric, you always want a thick, protective cover that keeps your futon in top condition. Our Designer Futon Cover consists of heavyweight cotton twill fabric. You’ll find the feel of this material similar to our Premium Futon Cover, but the Designer Futon Cover is feels just as soft and comfortable as it is durable.

Currently, these are the available colors for our Designer Futon Cover:


Pink Rose

Blue Bonnet

 designer-color-futon-cover-khaki-10  designer-color-futon-cover-pink-rose-2  designer-color-futon-cover-blue-bonnet-2

One of the biggest advantages of having a futon is customization. The endless options not only apply to comfort and feel, but looks as well. Buying the right futon cover is just as important as buying the right futon.

Campus Mattress Topper

Dorm mattresses are known to be thin and unstable, but with a Campus Mattress Topper, you won’t feel it at all. With 2 inches of high quality memory foam, it’s a perfect, body sensitive support between your back and that unstable dorm bed.


Our Close-outs section has only just started, so stay tuned for lots more high-quality frames, mattresses, accessories, and covers with vibrant colors to give your futon the attention it deserves!