Minimalism is More

One of the most popular phrases in the world of online shopping is “minimalist”. To most shoppers, it means living simple. It’s a lifestyle of removing those cluttery, unnecessary household items and replacing them with sleek, simple designs. By keeping only the things that are most simplistic and important to you, you’re able to make more space and give your home a clearer purpose.

At Shop4Futons, our products revolve around minimalist culture in just about every way. Price, value, design and efficiency are all combined to provide high quality hardwood frames and futon mattresses. With college move-in season just around the corner, you’ll definitely want to consider the best deals in online furniture, delivered right to your door:

Ekko Bed
$89 – $124
EcoFrame242 Made from the same poplar hardwood as our high quality frames, the Ekko Platform Bed Frame is among the sturdiest platform beds you’ll find. Due to its design and height above ground, the Ekko Bed does not require a box spring, so the mattress alone can sit firmly on top.
Ekko Bed/

$89 – $124
EcoFrame242 Storage drawers can save a massive amount of space in your bedroom, and with our new 32 inch Storage Drawers, you can fit them right under our Ekko Bed.
$89 – $119
GuestBed If you want to get even more efficient, our Fold-A-Bed is exactly what the name says. Also known as “The Perfect Guest Bed”, the Fold-A-Bed is designed to quickly fold up for storage when not in use.
Bedside Table
Table_End Our 22 inch Bedside Table is is made of the same 100% solid unfinished poplar hardwood as  our frames. This smooth, clean and totally untreated wood is preferred by consumers seeking a natural, hypo-allergenic alternative to today’s chemical laden products.
EcoCloud Mattress
EcoCloud500px The Wolf EcoCloud mattress is perfect for guest living. It’s 7-8-inches thick and contains multiple layers of high quality cotton and foam material designed to support everyday use.

Minimalist Bedroom

Ekko Bed OR Fold-A-Bed (full-size) $104
Bedside Table $39
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = Under $275


Go a Little Bigger
With our new queen sizes for both our Fold-a-Bed and Ekko Platform Bed, you can have a full package minimalist bedroom for just under $400.

Ekko Bed Frame (Queen-size) and 32 Inch Storage Drawers approx. $233
Bedside Table $39
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = approx. $400