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Bi-Folds and Tri-Folds: New and Improved

Whether you’re living in a dorm, an apartment, or a family-size house, the bi-fold sofa bed has always been the most popular home for your futon mattress. Along with its tri-fold alternative, the bi-fold frame features a simple, lightweight design that adjusts between couch and bed positions in a snap. No wonder it’s the most reliable source for cost and comfort in the furniture world.

However, the furniture world is always evolving, and with all the modern designs out there, we decided to give our Bi-fold and Tri-fold Frame a brand new look and some very nice improvements.

The New Bi-Fold Sofa Bed


The New Tri-Fold Sofa Bed


Enhanced Rounded Edges

Sharp corners are bad for any wooden frame. Aside from giving your furniture an unpleasant look, sharp edges can be dangerous and cause far more damage to anyone or anything that collides with it.

For this reason, rounded edges have always been a key feature for our shop4futons frames, but with our new design, the Bi-fold and Tri-fold have been rounded even more. Our new rounded edges create a brand new modernized appearance and removes the rigidness entirely from the frame.


Size Increase – Length, Width, and Depth

When it comes to lounging, more space is always better.  That’s why we’ve added a little extra to all the dimensions to the Bi-fold and Tri-fold. Here are some quick extras you can expect to see in our new designs:

Bifold Full

  • Width: +2 inches
  • Length: +2 inches
  • Sofa height: +2 inches
  • Sofa Depth: +9 inches

Bifold Queen

  • Width: +3 inches
  • Length: +2 inches
  • Sofa height: +2 inches
  • Sofa Depth: +7 inches

Trifold Twin

  • Length: +2 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +7 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Trifold Full

  • Length: +2 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +9 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Trifold Queen

  • Length: +3 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +9 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Just take a look at these dimensions

BiFoldDims trifold

A smooth appearance, rounded edges and more space have always been the characteristics you could only find in a luxury futon mattress ($200 – $400 price range). But guess how much you’ll pay for the same look and same quality at shop4futons–the same price! The prices for our Bi-fold ($99 -$119) and Tri-fold ($89 – $119) haven’t changed at all, so you’ll get the quality and a luxury design for no extra cost.