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Spring Cleaning Your Futon Mattress

Spring is just around the corner. That means fresh air, warm weather, green grass, and brand new allergies. But it’s not just the pollen that will make you sneeze. There are millions of reasons why a fresh start to the warm season is so important: And they’re all lying right underneath your pillow.
It’s no secret: Your mattress is home to millions of Germs and unprounouncable bacteria, such as Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Asperigillus, Geotrichum, and even E. Coli. They’re not exactly what sweet dreams are made of, and they can cause allergies and skin infections while making conditions like asthma and eczema even worse.
On average, a used futon mattress (2-5 years old) can contain at least 5 pounds of dead skin, which can attract millions and millions of dust mites. During our quiet sleep, you’re not only bathing in these various germs, but breathing them in for hours straight.
Luckily, our futon mattresses aren’t just cheap and efficient, but easy to clean and maintain. Here are some very useful tips on how to properly clean your futon for the warm season.

STEP 1 – Vacuum the Mattress

It’s one of the most helpful ways to remove all that unwanted dust from your mattress. Make sure you use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to move slowly up and down the entire surface of your mattress. You’ll be surprised at how much dust fills the container of your vacuum when you’re done.

STEP 2 – Spot Clean

It all depends on the type of stain you want to get rid of, but here are a list of useful mixtures you can make for spot cleaning your mattress:
MIXTURE 1:  Combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda with water.
MIXTURE 2:  Enzyme cleaners (Simple SolutionZout or Nature’s Miracle).
Mix these combinations into a spray bottle and cover the stained areas lightly. Be sure NOT to soak your mattress or get it too wet, as this will attract mold and worsen your mattress later on. Instead, dab and lightly rub over the lightly sprayed areas with a rag.
MIXTURE 3: Make a paste of lemon juice and salt. Apply the mixture to the stain, and let it stand for 30–60 minutes. Wipe off salt with a clean towel


After this deep clean, you’ll want to give your mattress some fresh air. The best source is obviously sunlight. UV exposure is a great way to eliminate bacteria. If getting your mattress outside is too difficult, your best bet could be using a hair dryer on damp spots or running a fan along the surface for a period of time.

STEP 4 – Try a Mattress Cover

A solid mattress encasement is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy sleeping environment. Unlike regular sheet covers,  our BedBuard Mattress Cover completely encases your mattress to insure 100% protection against allergens and dust mites. Its stretch knit surface is absorbent 100% waterproof and also breathable, so there’s no irritation to your skin. What’s more, it’s machine washable.
There’s no healthier way to start the Spring season than ensuring a good night’s sleep each day. Once you give your mattress a good clean, not only will you sleep well and easy, but your mattress will last much longer.

Bi-Folds and Tri-Folds: New and Improved

Whether you’re living in a dorm, an apartment, or a family-size house, the bi-fold sofa bed has always been the most popular home for your futon mattress. Along with its tri-fold alternative, the bi-fold frame features a simple, lightweight design that adjusts between couch and bed positions in a snap. No wonder it’s the most reliable source for cost and comfort in the furniture world.

However, the furniture world is always evolving, and with all the modern designs out there, we decided to give our Bi-fold and Tri-fold Frame a brand new look and some very nice improvements.

The New Bi-Fold Sofa Bed


The New Tri-Fold Sofa Bed


Enhanced Rounded Edges

Sharp corners are bad for any wooden frame. Aside from giving your furniture an unpleasant look, sharp edges can be dangerous and cause far more damage to anyone or anything that collides with it.

For this reason, rounded edges have always been a key feature for our shop4futons frames, but with our new design, the Bi-fold and Tri-fold have been rounded even more. Our new rounded edges create a brand new modernized appearance and removes the rigidness entirely from the frame.


Size Increase – Length, Width, and Depth

When it comes to lounging, more space is always better.  That’s why we’ve added a little extra to all the dimensions to the Bi-fold and Tri-fold. Here are some quick extras you can expect to see in our new designs:

Bifold Full

  • Width: +2 inches
  • Length: +2 inches
  • Sofa height: +2 inches
  • Sofa Depth: +9 inches

Bifold Queen

  • Width: +3 inches
  • Length: +2 inches
  • Sofa height: +2 inches
  • Sofa Depth: +7 inches

Trifold Twin

  • Length: +2 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +7 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Trifold Full

  • Length: +2 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +9 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Trifold Queen

  • Length: +3 inches
  • Loveseat height: +2 inches
  • Loveseat Depth: +9 inches
  • Lounger Depth: +1 inch

Just take a look at these dimensions

BiFoldDims trifold

A smooth appearance, rounded edges and more space have always been the characteristics you could only find in a luxury futon mattress ($200 – $400 price range). But guess how much you’ll pay for the same look and same quality at shop4futons–the same price! The prices for our Bi-fold ($99 -$119) and Tri-fold ($89 – $119) haven’t changed at all, so you’ll get the quality and a luxury design for no extra cost.

Sleeping Through the Stress – 5 Things You Must Do To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The election’s over and the holidays are about to start. No matter who you voted for—whether you’re stressed out or bouncing off the walls from this week’s election results—you probably haven’t gotten much sleep. Plus, with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, the stress and excitement of the holiday season is more than enough to keep you lying awake at night until 2017. That’s why we’ve put together the top 5 things you need to do to get through the holidays with a good night’s rest.

1 – Train Your Mind


It sounds like a weird thing to suggest, but you can in fact train yourself to let go of troubling and fearful thoughts. Both Physicians and Psychologists agree that stress can directly affect physical tension in the body, which can easily keep you from falling asleep. Have you ever went to bed with the fear that you won’t get enough sleep? Hasn’t that made it even harder to fall asleep? Stress-induced insomnia can be totally eliminated by changing your perspective. The next time you go to bed worried about a particular situation, try pretending that the situation is already resolved. After all, the problems of the world are especially beyond your control when you’re lying in bed. Distract yourself with unrelated and positive thoughts. You’ll be surprised how quickly you fall asleep.

2 – Eliminate caffeine way before bedtime


Caffeine can easily stay in your body 12 hours after consumption. Depending on your metabolism and physical makeup, this could be more or less. Regardless, if you plan on going to be around midnight, you should plan on quitting all caffeine before Noon.

Ultimately, people who get the best sleep are totally caffeine free and don’t consume it at all. However, if you can’t control your craving, try substitutions such as herbal tea, caffeine free beverages, or just plain old water.

3 – Go on a sleepy diet


There are so many different foods containing nutrients that support sleep. Tryptophan, magnesium, selenium, melatonin and vitamin D are just a few, and they can provide you with not only a quick sleep, but a more energizing morning when you wake up. For dinner, try focusing on high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates (rice, grilled chicken and roasted vegetables). For dessert, avoid heavy desserts in favor of small, simple fruits such as cherries, grapes or light frozen yogurts.

4 – Sleep early and always on time


The human body is built upon routine, whether we’re awake or asleep. Getting on a proper sleep schedule is imperative for a good night’s sleep. For instance, if you fall asleep an hour later than you did yesterday, your mind and body will be thrown off balance the next morning, which can cost time, energy, and especially the increase the difficulty in falling asleep the following night. Studies have shown that the best sleep occurs between 10pm and 6am.



Nowadays, there’s so much going on and so much more to do. You have your smartphone, digital devices and an endless plethora of Netflix shows to choose from. These types of stimulation can ruin your entire night of sleep. Try relaxing 1-2 hours before bedtime. This doesn’t mean you have to meditate upside or do yoga under soothing music. Choose what you find relaxing. This could involve reading a calming book, taking a bath or simply talking about the day with your loved one. Either way, the last couple of hours of your evening should revolve around relaxation

Sleep Bigger with Shop4Futons!

Big changes are happening at Shop4Futons–Literally.

You may have noticed the recent roll-out of our brand new Nomad-2 and Nomad-PLUS bed frames. Our original Nomad Platform Bed was given some major improvements, including central support and added slats for an even better night’s sleep.

But that’s not the only bed we’ve changed. In fact, all of our best-selling bed frames have been promoted to queen!


fold-a-bed-hardwood-frame-the-perfect-guest-bed-20 guestbedfolded242px





It’s just what the name says. The Fold-A-Bed‘s unique design and mechanics allow it quickly and easily fold up for out of the way storage when not in use. Compatible with any standard mattress or futon mattress, our Fold-A-Bed futon frame is the PERFECT guest bed. Now that it’s available in queen size, you can enjoy the stability and portability of the Fold-A-Bed while taking advantage of an even larger sleeping area:


Ekko Bed


Minimalism is everything, especially when you’re looking to save time, space, and money. The Ekko Platform Bed Frame was made for just this reason, and pairs perfectly with any mattress. Like our Nomad and Fold-A-Bed, the Ekko Bed frame is made of smooth, clean, unfinished poplar hardwood–not pine. That means no splinters, less chance of splitting or warping, and natural, hypo-allergenic alernative to other chemical-laden products. Size up your minimalist style with these queen size features:


Charleston-2, Charleston-PLUS Platform Bed


For years, our customer have been calling for a king size headboard to fit with their Nomad frame. Now, you can purchase our Charleston Platform Bed Frame in a king size! Not only has our Charleston headboard been upgraded to fit with all our Nomad sizes, but the height of the headboard has been increased to 40 inches tall. Check out these new features for our largest Charleston frame to date:


The Nomad 2 is Here!


The best futon bed frame just got better! For years, the Nomad Platform Bed Frame has been an all-around favorite, combining quality hardwood with a state-of-the-art construction that outlasts all other bed frames. But even with the wide range of benefits the Nomad Platform Bed has to offer, we’ve added some major improvements and are pleased to introduce our brand new versions: The Nomad 2 and Nomad 2 Plus.

Nomad 2 Platform Bed Frame

With all the durability and hardwood quality of its predecessor, the Nomad 2 brings added support to a more modern design. If you’ve ever tried our original Nomad frame, you would have noticed that all of the slats were positioned slightly lower in position than the four outside bed rails. The Nomad 2 has done away with unevenness between wooden slats and bed rails. We’ve now made it so the slats are flush (flat and even) with the top surface of the rails.

The Nomad 2 flushed slats allow strong, even support of your mattress. Each wooden slat connects to the surface of the bed rail seamlessly.

The Nomad 2 flushed slats allow strong, even support of your mattress. Each wooden slat connects to the surface of the bed rail seamlessly.

Central support is crucial to any bed frame, especially with platform bed frames, which eliminate the need for a box spring. The Nomad’s new design features a smaller central gap between the center rails, providing a stable center that allows the mattress to sit even more firmly and evenly atop the frame.


The Queen and King size frames include a pair of center support legs. Optional Drawers, Trundle and 18 inch legs are available.

Nomad PLUS Bed Frame

Sleep technology is constantly changing, especially with mattresses. Bed mattresses have seen many improvements over the recent years, particularly with regard to the type of material we’re starting to see. The popularity of Latex and Memory Foam mattresses has compelled us to offer an alternate version of the Nomad 2–the Nomad PLUS.

The Nomad PLUS is a new option on our product page. It features a smaller slat spacing (2.8 inches) for use with Latex and Memory Foam mattresses. This is a dramatic difference from the Nomad 2, which features 4.5 inches of slat spacing. Before choosing your type of Nomad, be sure to check your mattress for special requirements.


The Nomad PLUS features more slats, which reduces the spacing between them, and holds specialty mattress firmly and properly.








Minimalism is More

One of the most popular phrases in the world of online shopping is “minimalist”. To most shoppers, it means living simple. It’s a lifestyle of removing those cluttery, unnecessary household items and replacing them with sleek, simple designs. By keeping only the things that are most simplistic and important to you, you’re able to make more space and give your home a clearer purpose.

At Shop4Futons, our products revolve around minimalist culture in just about every way. Price, value, design and efficiency are all combined to provide high quality hardwood frames and futon mattresses. With college move-in season just around the corner, you’ll definitely want to consider the best deals in online furniture, delivered right to your door:

Ekko Bed
$89 – $124
EcoFrame242 Made from the same poplar hardwood as our high quality frames, the Ekko Platform Bed Frame is among the sturdiest platform beds you’ll find. Due to its design and height above ground, the Ekko Bed does not require a box spring, so the mattress alone can sit firmly on top.
Ekko Bed/

$89 – $124
EcoFrame242 Storage drawers can save a massive amount of space in your bedroom, and with our new 32 inch Storage Drawers, you can fit them right under our Ekko Bed.
$89 – $119
GuestBed If you want to get even more efficient, our Fold-A-Bed is exactly what the name says. Also known as “The Perfect Guest Bed”, the Fold-A-Bed is designed to quickly fold up for storage when not in use.
Bedside Table
Table_End Our 22 inch Bedside Table is is made of the same 100% solid unfinished poplar hardwood as  our frames. This smooth, clean and totally untreated wood is preferred by consumers seeking a natural, hypo-allergenic alternative to today’s chemical laden products.
EcoCloud Mattress
EcoCloud500px The Wolf EcoCloud mattress is perfect for guest living. It’s 7-8-inches thick and contains multiple layers of high quality cotton and foam material designed to support everyday use.

Minimalist Bedroom

Ekko Bed OR Fold-A-Bed (full-size) $104
Bedside Table $39
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = Under $275


Go a Little Bigger
With our new queen sizes for both our Fold-a-Bed and Ekko Platform Bed, you can have a full package minimalist bedroom for just under $400.

Ekko Bed Frame (Queen-size) and 32 Inch Storage Drawers approx. $233
Bedside Table $39
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = approx. $400


Close-Outs are Here at Shop4Futons!

Since 1984, we’ve specialized in some of the best quality futon products money can buy. Made from 100% unfinished poplar hardwood grown in the appalachian mountains and offered at the most convenient prices you’ll ever find, it’s no wonder that Shop4Futons has been a driving force in the online realm of furniture outlets. That’s why we’re showing our customer appreciation by shelling out a brand new section devoted to the best deals you’ll find: CLOSE-OUTS!

Our new Close-outs section of Shop4Futons will show you a brand new set of deals that range from 25-50% off some of our best products. Here are just a few products we have available for a limited time.

Designer Futon Cover

Our Designer Futon Cover is one of the most reliable futon covers around. Most futon covers consist of a solid cover, rather than a patterned design, but when it comes to the type of fabric, you always want a thick, protective cover that keeps your futon in top condition. Our Designer Futon Cover consists of heavyweight cotton twill fabric. You’ll find the feel of this material similar to our Premium Futon Cover, but the Designer Futon Cover is feels just as soft and comfortable as it is durable.

Currently, these are the available colors for our Designer Futon Cover:


Pink Rose

Blue Bonnet

 designer-color-futon-cover-khaki-10  designer-color-futon-cover-pink-rose-2  designer-color-futon-cover-blue-bonnet-2

One of the biggest advantages of having a futon is customization. The endless options not only apply to comfort and feel, but looks as well. Buying the right futon cover is just as important as buying the right futon.

Campus Mattress Topper

Dorm mattresses are known to be thin and unstable, but with a Campus Mattress Topper, you won’t feel it at all. With 2 inches of high quality memory foam, it’s a perfect, body sensitive support between your back and that unstable dorm bed.


Our Close-outs section has only just started, so stay tuned for lots more high-quality frames, mattresses, accessories, and covers with vibrant colors to give your futon the attention it deserves!

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Futon

Futons have come a long way from the college dorms and small, crammed apartments in 1970s New York City. If you’ve been to Shop4Futons, then you already know that our futon frames are among the most stylish, durable, high-quality and price-effective you’ll find.

wood_frame_futon_side_tables wood_frame_floral_futon_cover

Still, when most people hear the word “futon”, they think of a compact, one-dimensional sofa with limited capacity. The truth is, there’s more than one type of futon, and a million ways to implement Shop4Futons furniture in the home or office. Here are 5 questions you should always ask when buying a futon.

What Room are you putting it in?

Just like any other furniture, one of the first steps is choosing which room you’ll be using it for. Is your futon frame going in the living room for everyday use, or the guest bedroom in your basement for holidays and special occasions? Maybe you’re shopping for your workplace, looking for a simple futon frame to put in the office lounge or common room.

Our Mission Daybed is a perfect fit for common rooms and lounge areas. It looks great against a wall and provides sturdy, durable support for both lounging and sleeping

Our Mission Daybed is a perfect fit for common rooms and lounge areas. It looks great against a wall and provides sturdy, durable support for both lounging and sleeping

For most people, the living room contains the most upscale and costly furniture. It’s the main place you want all your guests to see when they come in, and talk about when they’re coming out of your home. In this case, a high-end futon frame could fit just perfectly.

One of our many high-end frames includes the Venice Futon Frame, along with accessories such as our Corona Coffee Table

One of our many high-end frames includes the Venice Futon Frame, along with accessories such as our Corona Coffee Table

Our designer frames make your living room stand out, and come in a wide variety of finishes. Our selection includes the Eureka Sofa Bed, Fuji, Ruskin, and Venice futon frames, to name just a few.

eureka-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4 fuji-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4
ruskin-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4 venice-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4

On the other hand, a guest bedroom or common area needs less attention. Our widest-selling Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold futon frames are perfect for the guest area, and convert from upright sofa to full-size bed in just seconds.

BF_CouchBlue KDLoungerLoungePosition

How Much Space do You Have?

Once you know the room you’re buying your frame for, you want to determine the amount of space you’ll be taking up. If it’s a smaller area, you may want to avoid buying a lounger, which takes up more space than an upright sofa bed.

BiFoldDims TriFoldDims

How do you like to lounge?

Unless you’re really tired, the upright position is how you normally like to relax. Still, isn’t it nice to be able to control the recline of your sofa? With our Bi-fold Sofa Bed, a small adjustment is all it takes to pull the seat back and increase the lounge position.

For even more leg room and positions for lounging, our Tri-Fold lounger features 13 unique positions, including 8 lounge positions for leg support and 4 loveseat positions for regular upright sitting.

What’s Your Style?

Our Bi-Fold and Tri-fold futon frames may be our widest-selling, but it’s always good to have a pair of arm rests on each side. Our Savannah frames not only come with the durability and quality of the Bi-fold and Tri-fold, but a unique patented design that includes arm rests for extra style and support.

SavannahFull SL_520px

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

It’s probably the last question you ask yourself before hitting the “Checkout” button. Still, it’s always the most important. At Shop4Futons, you won’t have to question the quality of the frame you’re buying. But for your room, space, style and lounge preference, any futon you choose will be worth your money!

Spring Forward With Shop4Futons

Spring is a time of restless energy and regrowth. The sun is up longer, temperatures are higher, and everything is starting to grow once again. Like Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party’.


But as the party starts with all the sudden, constant change, Spring can be the most difficult time for sleep. In fact, the average person gets the least amount of sleep during a change in seasons. Here are 5 things you can do to stay well-rested into the Spring season.

1. Get some sunlight

One of benefits of Spring is longer days and more sunlight, which can greatly help you maintain a strong sleep cycle. Vitamin D isn’t just crucial for bone and muscle health, but directly involved in the production of serotonin.


During colder seasons with less sunlight, you may have noticed an increase in your appetite, or feeling tired much earlier in the day. Fatigue and overeating are common during the winter, which can easily disrupt your sleep-wake cycle.

In the Spring, you can avoid this problem by getting out in the sun. If you don’t get outside regularly, try working near a window. An increase in vitamin D will reduce the chances of daytime drowsiness, allowing you to stay awake and alert until bedtime.

2. Keep Out the Light

The key ingredient for sleep is a hormone known as melatonin. The more melatonin your body produces, the sleepier you feel. According to the National Sleep Foundation, exposure to light or darkness is a key factor in sleep regulation. Scientists have found that darkness triggers the production of melatonin, while exposure to light stimulates the nerves, sending a natural signal for the human body to remain wide awake. When falling asleep, keep your bedroom dark with blinds or thick curtains. Try to prevent any sunlight peeking through your windows, so you can sleep easy and without interruption.


3. Keep Cool Inside

As temperatures start to rise, you might feel the pressure to save on energy costs. The truth is, while you’re cutting down your electricity bill, you could be losing a lot of sleep. Temperature plays a crucial role in your sleep cycle.

As you prepare to fall asleep, your body temperature falls slightly to a cooler temperature in order to achieve a deeper sleep. The ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 70 degrees. If you still prefer saving a little on the electricity bill, there are other ways to achieve the “temperature drop” effect by taking a bath or hot shower an hour before sleep, or wearing thinner, less layers when you go to bed.

4. Beware of Allergies

Spring is allergy season, and there’s no avoiding it. In fact, most people will fall victim to the puffy eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing that comes with a growing pollen count. It’s always best to stock up on allergy supplies before the allergy season hits.


Nasal sprays, antihistamines and over-the-counter treatments are cost-efficient and very effective. You can also talk to your doctor about any prescription strength medications that might help as well.

5. Clean Clean Clean!

They don’t call it Spring Cleaning for nothing. A clean house is an allergen-free hours. Start with your bed itself. Maintaining clean bed sheets greatly reduces and limits the amount allergens you might be sleeping on.


For the house, it’s important to let the sun and fresh air inside for a while. Just make sure you shut the windows at night. This will keep out allergens that can cause irritation before and during sleep.

Lastly, wash up before bedtime: A quick, hot shower ensures that your body is completely free of any allergens, so you can sleep easy without worrying about any allergies you might have brought home.

6. Daylight Savings Time

The clocks officially jump forward an hour on Sunday, March 13th. Try getting used to the time change by going to bed an hour early a week beforehand.


5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Mattress

If you’ve never had the esteemed honor of disposing an old mattress, you’re in for a big surprise. The bed mattress is the most difficult household item to get rid of. Unlike regular furniture, mattresses can carry a myriad of unsafe germs, such as dust mites and bedbugs. Due to the liability of selling a used, unclean mattress, most thrift shops are either not allowed, or simply choose NOT to accept mattresses for resale.


Dumpsters are a major violation when it comes to disposing your old mattress. Most businesses and residential complexes set up video cameras just to catch and prosecute people who might abuse their trash disposal area.

Not only do thrift stores want no part of your dirty old mattress, but you’d be lucky to find a landfill that will let you in, even for a fee. For one, mattresses are difficult to recycle, and spring/coil mattresses can easily cause damage to landfill machinery. Even conventional non-spring mattresses, such as cotton batting and memory foam, contain toxins and chemicals that can inhabit the ground water below the landfill.

Overall, mattresses are harder to compress, and can take up huge amounts of space.

Overall, mattresses are harder to compress, and can take up huge amounts of space.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to spot abandoned mattresses along the side of a highway, neighborhood sidewalks or random alleyways.


But don’t be discouraged. It might seem like an impossible task, but there are clean, ethical and even profitable ways to get rid of your mattress.


1. Start with the People You Know

When it comes to giving furniture away, the best place to start is with the people you know. Ask your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Chances are, someone you know is currently spending their uncomfortable nights on an air mattress or sofa, and eager to upgrade to an actual bed. If that doesn’t work, use social networking sites like Facebook to get your word out. Announce to everyone that you’re giving away a perfectly fine mattress. People always love free stuff, and they’re willing to drive over as fast as possible to take it off your hands.


2. Shelters and non-profit organizations

While thrift stores and secondhand shops might be out of the question, non-profits such as homeless shelters, churches and refugee resettlement programs are eager to accept any and all donations, especially mattresses. Nothing makes a shelter more prominent than a reliable mattress, even one that’s used.


3. Craigslist

If you’re looking to try and turn a profit with your mattress, there’s no better place than Craigslist. This classified advertisement website is devoted to getting your stuff sold, no matter what you’re selling. Depending on the quality of your mattress, you can make an easy buck, but to help your chances, you may want to look into buying a mattress protector to ensure that the person buying your mattress feels like he/she is getting the most protection and quality out of the mattress you’re offering.


4. Contact Your Local Recycling Center

About ninety percent of the average mattress can be recovered for recycling, which makes recycling centers a far better alternative than regular disposal. However, since they consist of a wide variety of materials, your mattress must be dismantled before it can be properly recycled. Your local recycling center may be willing to do this job for you, but in case you’re forced to take apart your own mattress, there are many DIY tutorials online.


5. Freecycle

Conservation and reuse can go a long way, especially when you’re giving straight to someone in need. Offering your used mattress on is a perfect way to keep your useful items out of the landfills and in the hands of someone who can still benefit from it. Moderated by local volunteers, it’s free to sign up, and you can post a listing in just a small matter of minutes!