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5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Futon

Futons have come a long way from the college dorms and small, crammed apartments in 1970s New York City. If you’ve been to Shop4Futons, then you already know that our futon frames are among the most stylish, durable, high-quality and price-effective you’ll find.

wood_frame_futon_side_tables wood_frame_floral_futon_cover

Still, when most people hear the word “futon”, they think of a compact, one-dimensional sofa with limited capacity. The truth is, there’s more than one type of futon, and a million ways to implement Shop4Futons furniture in the home or office. Here are 5 questions you should always ask when buying a futon.

What Room are you putting it in?

Just like any other furniture, one of the first steps is choosing which room you’ll be using it for. Is your futon frame going in the living room for everyday use, or the guest bedroom in your basement for holidays and special occasions? Maybe you’re shopping for your workplace, looking for a simple futon frame to put in the office lounge or common room.

Our Mission Daybed is a perfect fit for common rooms and lounge areas. It looks great against a wall and provides sturdy, durable support for both lounging and sleeping

Our Mission Daybed is a perfect fit for common rooms and lounge areas. It looks great against a wall and provides sturdy, durable support for both lounging and sleeping

For most people, the living room contains the most upscale and costly furniture. It’s the main place you want all your guests to see when they come in, and talk about when they’re coming out of your home. In this case, a high-end futon frame could fit just perfectly.

One of our many high-end frames includes the Venice Futon Frame, along with accessories such as our Corona Coffee Table

One of our many high-end frames includes the Venice Futon Frame, along with accessories such as our Corona Coffee Table

Our designer frames make your living room stand out, and come in a wide variety of finishes. Our selection includes the Eureka Sofa Bed, Fuji, Ruskin, and Venice futon frames, to name just a few.

eureka-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4 fuji-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4
ruskin-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4 venice-sofa-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-4

On the other hand, a guest bedroom or common area needs less attention. Our widest-selling Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold futon frames are perfect for the guest area, and convert from upright sofa to full-size bed in just seconds.

BF_CouchBlue KDLoungerLoungePosition

How Much Space do You Have?

Once you know the room you’re buying your frame for, you want to determine the amount of space you’ll be taking up. If it’s a smaller area, you may want to avoid buying a lounger, which takes up more space than an upright sofa bed.

BiFoldDims TriFoldDims

How do you like to lounge?

Unless you’re really tired, the upright position is how you normally like to relax. Still, isn’t it nice to be able to control the recline of your sofa? With our Bi-fold Sofa Bed, a small adjustment is all it takes to pull the seat back and increase the lounge position.

For even more leg room and positions for lounging, our Tri-Fold lounger features 13 unique positions, including 8 lounge positions for leg support and 4 loveseat positions for regular upright sitting.

What’s Your Style?

Our Bi-Fold and Tri-fold futon frames may be our widest-selling, but it’s always good to have a pair of arm rests on each side. Our Savannah frames not only come with the durability and quality of the Bi-fold and Tri-fold, but a unique patented design that includes arm rests for extra style and support.

SavannahFull SL_520px

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

It’s probably the last question you ask yourself before hitting the “Checkout” button. Still, it’s always the most important. At Shop4Futons, you won’t have to question the quality of the frame you’re buying. But for your room, space, style and lounge preference, any futon you choose will be worth your money!

It’s still Christmas at Shop4Futons!

Christmas is officially over, which means you’ve probably done all the shopping you can handle for quite a while. The holiday season can always leave your bank account feeling a little light, but in spite of the money you’ve spent, it’s always important to start the New Year with a clean and comfortable home. That’s why Shop4Futons is still on sale for 2016!

Futon furniture is often associated with a low price tag and minimalist design. From dorm rooms to residential homes, futon frames and accessories are an efficient way to furnish your house. But Sho4Futons goes a couple of steps further by providing organic, eco-friendly products at a huge discount. In fact, every single item in our product catalog is discounted, and by a quite a margin.


Made from plantation-grown hardwood, The Eureka Sofa Bed Frame’s high-quality finish and advanced mechanical system makes it a high-end product. On most sites, you’ll find similar high-end frames costing around $400 or more. At Shop4Futons, you’ll find the Eureka Sofa Bed on sale for only $239.

Organic Lounging at the Lowest Price

Nowadays, people are turning to more eco-friendly products. Furniture manufacturers and retailers are striving to build their products with natural, organic materials. this trend, however, can come at a higher price.

Unlike other retailers, Shop4Futons has been offering a wide variety of organic wood frames since the very beginning . Our frames are 100% natural, chemical free and hypo-allergenic. And if you’re looking for the safest, healthiest sleep, we also have bed frames made of the same wood.

While most futon frames can consist of cheap, flimsy metal, or overpriced luxury hardwood, our wooden futon frames are made of 100% kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the Southern Appalachian mountains. And they're among the cheapest frames you'll find online.

While most futon frames can consist of cheap, flimsy metal, or overpriced luxury hardwood, our wooden futon frames are made of 100% kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the Southern Appalachian mountains. And they’re among the cheapest frames you’ll find online.

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Right now, all our widest-selling futon frames are on sale, up to 25% off.

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It’s not just our futon frames that we’re leaving on sale for 2016. when it comes to price and quality, we give our mattresses equal treatment. In fact, all of our premium mattresses are on sale for 20% off and more. 


All-in One, Straight to Your Door

If you’re looking to save the most money on furniture, the futon package is your best bet. Purchasing your frame and mattress in one packaged combination will not only cut the cost of buying both products separately, but will also shave down the cost of shipping by a decent amount.

savannah-lounger-bed-futon-package-hardwood-frame-mattress-4 yhst-91214505727833_2262_14720327
yhst-91214505727833_2262_1407470 yhst-91214505727833_2262_15740407

Our four widest-selling futon frames are available as a frame/mattress package. You’ll see each of these frame packages combined with our widest-selling Wolf EcoCloud mattress.

If your post-christmas shopping consists of furniture to start the New Year, you’ll find the best price at Shop4Futons. And the best part? It’s quick, cheap, and delivered straight to your door!

How to Adjust the Positions on a Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futon Frame

Check out how easy it is to operate this attractive bi fold futon frame! Watch as David shows how to adjust the futon from its upright sofa position, into a bed, and back into a sofa again. This particular frame has several upright positions that offer different levels of reclining.

You can find this wood bi-fold frame in our online store by clicking here.

From Sofa to Bed in Less than One Minute!

We’ve been very busy lately creating instructional videos that show how functional and easy-to-use our futon furniture is. Here’s one we did for our bi-fold futon sofa bed. David shows how to change it from the upright position, to a bed, and back into a couch. It all takes less than one minute, so don’t blink!

You can find this sofa bed futon frame on our online store.

The Perks of Being a Futon

Aside from an uncanny ability to collect crumbs, coins, and all other bits and pieces that might fall from the hands and pockets of the average lounger, the conventional sleeper-sofa  can be a thorn in the side of the modern furniture world. For starters, the size and weight is enough to call the movers, as the average weight of a three-seater is over 300 pounds, while a five- piece sectional can weigh upwards of 1200 pounds! Just look at this Craigslist ad:


Here are some quick reasons why choosing a futon package is an all-around better solution:

Customizable: Futons offer an endless array of sizes, finishes and arm styles. When ordering a futon, you aren’t just choosing an all-in-one piece of furniture. With wooden frames, you can select between a wide variety of types, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, and Savannah sofa bed.

yhst-91214505727833_2262_11157655 51ZMSBWEHDL._SL1500_ mission-daybed-frame-solid-hardwood-4 SL_FrLounge

Once you have your frame, you can choose your level of comfort with a futon mattress that fits perfectly.

RedbudTwo yhst-91214505727833_2262_6220111 yhst-91214505727833_2262_13000607 yhst-91214505727833_2262_16633485

Add the infinite selection of machine-washable mattress covers that are out there, and there’s practically no limit to the designs you can make.

Savannah_Bi_Room_3405 SSB_Futon8in3 4

Convenient: Futons are far lighter and far less bulky than conventional sofas. The average weight of most of our wooden frames is around 50 pounds, and many futon mattresses are only slightly heavier. In order to transform your lounger into a bed, you certainly won’t need to throw the cushions aside to play “Tug of War” with a flimsy spring mattress. Many of our futon frames feature simple mechanisms that convert the frame from sofa to sleeper in one fell swoop.

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Right to Your Door: In the past, it would have been crazy to suggest the idea of using only two hands to order and set up an sofa bed, all from the comfort of your home. But with futon frames and mattresses, you don’t need a pickup truck and a team of people. The packaging and assembly of all our futon products are tailored for a one-man job. Thanks to futons, it’s never been easier to customize your home furniture without ever leaving your home.

Now all you’ll have to worry about is getting rid of that old, creepy sofa you’re sitting on right now.

sheep-chair Pig-Sofa bear-and-couch-03 sofa.jpg

Tips & Tricks for Assembling Your Bi-Fold Futon Frame


Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futons – On Sale Now from $99 here:

The Bifold is our best-selling futon frame, with a quick and simple assembly that should take no more than an hour. But like all products that require assembly, you can always run into some common issues. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you put together your frame in less time, and without any mistakes.


The very first thing you should do is unpack your frame, using the enclosed list to identify the parts as you go.


Once this is done, you’re ready for the first step—putting in the dowels. As the instructions show, you should 20 dowels total. 4 for each seat rail, 4 for each back rail, and 2 for each prop. It’s best to use a small hammer to tap the wood dowels all the way into the holes.

Once all of your dowels are in, it’s time to put together your prop. With both of your props on either side of one another, take the prop connector and press it onto the wood dowels on each side. Then, use the 1-1/2” screws to fasten the connector with the props.  Make sure to tighten the screws well. In fact, you should tighten all screws firmly enough so that the head of each screw counter-sinks into the wood a bit.

A regular screwdriver works just fine, but if you have a power driven screwdriver or drill, you’ll save a lot of time and effort.


Now you’re ready to attach the back rails. Make sure your back rails are attached to the OUTSIDE of the prop. Attaching them inside is the most common mistake we hear about, and will mess up the rest of your assembly causing you much unneeded aggravation.


Once this is done, your assembly should look like this so far.


This next step is where people tend to have the most trouble. When attaching the left and right back legs to the back rails, there are three things you want to make sure of.

  1. Both the left and right back legs should be attached to the OUTSIDE of the back rails
  2. The cut-away part of the back legs should face inward. In other words, they should be facing at a downward angle towards the back, in order to support the back rails. Pay close attention to the diagram for step 5 on the instructions.
  3. The back legs should be on the correct left and right sides. Each leg should have a sticker on it, labeling K-6L for the left and K-6R for the right.


It gets easier from this point. Once your seat rails are attached to the inside of the back rails, they should look something like this.


The next step is attaching the seat legs for the frame. Unlike the back legs, they do have labels for left and right, so they can go on either side. However, just like the back legs, they are attached to the OUTSIDE of the rails. Once this is done, you’re ready to secure the legs using the wood screws. These screws are self-tapping, so they should go in and fasten very easily.


Next, assemble the back and seat decks according to steps 9, 10 and 11 of the instructions. This is very straightforward, just make sure not to mix up the back slats and seat slats.

Now, you’re ready to attach the slat decks. It’s much easier to attach the back first, and the seat second. Both slats look similar, so just make sure you’re holding the right one before connecting them.


The slat decks should push easily onto the wood dowels and attach with the wood screws. Finally, attach the seat and back supports…


You’re ready to lounge!