It’s still Christmas at Shop4Futons!

Christmas is officially over, which means you’ve probably done all the shopping you can handle for quite a while. The holiday season can always leave your bank account feeling a little light, but in spite of the money you’ve spent, it’s always important to start the New Year with a clean and comfortable home. That’s why Shop4Futons is still on sale for 2016!

Futon furniture is often associated with a low price tag and minimalist design. From dorm rooms to residential homes, futon frames and accessories are an efficient way to furnish your house. But Sho4Futons goes a couple of steps further by providing organic, eco-friendly products at a huge discount. In fact, every single item in our product catalog is discounted, and by a quite a margin.


Made from plantation-grown hardwood, The Eureka Sofa Bed Frame’s high-quality finish and advanced mechanical system makes it a high-end product. On most sites, you’ll find similar high-end frames costing around $400 or more. At Shop4Futons, you’ll find the Eureka Sofa Bed on sale for only $239.

Organic Lounging at the Lowest Price

Nowadays, people are turning to more eco-friendly products. Furniture manufacturers and retailers are striving to build their products with natural, organic materials. this trend, however, can come at a higher price.

Unlike other retailers, Shop4Futons has been offering a wide variety of organic wood frames since the very beginning . Our frames are 100% natural, chemical free and hypo-allergenic. And if you’re looking for the safest, healthiest sleep, we also have bed frames made of the same wood.

While most futon frames can consist of cheap, flimsy metal, or overpriced luxury hardwood, our wooden futon frames are made of 100% kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the Southern Appalachian mountains. And they're among the cheapest frames you'll find online.

While most futon frames can consist of cheap, flimsy metal, or overpriced luxury hardwood, our wooden futon frames are made of 100% kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the Southern Appalachian mountains. And they’re among the cheapest frames you’ll find online.

sfdsdfsdf yhst-91214505727833_2262_2871713 yhst-91214505727833_2262_11157655 savannah-lounger-bed-futon-frame-solid-hardwood-8

Right now, all our widest-selling futon frames are on sale, up to 25% off.

yhst-91214505727833_2262_15537816 yhst-91214505727833_2262_6220111yhst-91214505727833_2262_5723067 yhst-91214505727833_2262_18877398

It’s not just our futon frames that we’re leaving on sale for 2016. when it comes to price and quality, we give our mattresses equal treatment. In fact, all of our premium mattresses are on sale for 20% off and more. 


All-in One, Straight to Your Door

If you’re looking to save the most money on furniture, the futon package is your best bet. Purchasing your frame and mattress in one packaged combination will not only cut the cost of buying both products separately, but will also shave down the cost of shipping by a decent amount.

savannah-lounger-bed-futon-package-hardwood-frame-mattress-4 yhst-91214505727833_2262_14720327
yhst-91214505727833_2262_1407470 yhst-91214505727833_2262_15740407

Our four widest-selling futon frames are available as a frame/mattress package. You’ll see each of these frame packages combined with our widest-selling Wolf EcoCloud mattress.

If your post-christmas shopping consists of furniture to start the New Year, you’ll find the best price at Shop4Futons. And the best part? It’s quick, cheap, and delivered straight to your door!

What’s in a Mattress?

Sleep health is hard to keep up with. We never really think about it until we get sleepy, and by the time we become sleepy, we’re too drowsy to even think!


It’s easy to forget that the average person spends about one-third of their entire life in bed. That’s why for the Fall season, we’ve dedicated our blog to healthy sleeping habits.

September was all about identifying the best sleep position, while Last month’s blog was all about Choosing the Right Bed Frame. Now that you have a healthy sleep position and solid foundation for support, it’s time to choose the perfect mattress.

futon mattress

Our Otis Haley 150 is one of our widest selling futon mattresses, consisting of high-density foam and polyester fabric.

Usually, if a mattress feels right and isn’t too expensive, we’ll end up buying it. But will your mattress last long enough? Does it protect against allergens and dust mites? Most of all, do you even know what’s inside the mattress you’re about to buy? Knowing what to look for inside a mattress will save you a lot of time and money, and will benefit your sleep health in the long run.


A majority of mattresses and sofa pads consist of foam. For the most part, foam is used to conform to your individual curves and relieve pressure points. When laying on a foam pad, imagine laying on a mold that supports all parts of your body.

Egg crate foam is found inside many mattresses, such as our Serta sycamore and Wolf Pocket Coil Supreme

Egg crate foam is found inside many mattresses, such as our Serta sycamore and Wolf Pocket Coil Supreme.

Foam also allows your mattress to respond to temperature changes. Due to the nature of foam, its material becomes firmer in lower temperatures and softer in higher temperatures. This means that your mattress will naturally soften when it comes in contact with your body heat.


Cotton is used both inside and outside of the mattress. Due to its soft, breathable surface, it’s widely regarded as the best material to sleep on. The surface of you mattress is most likely cotton-based, which makes the encasement for most mattresses.


Our Wolf EcoCloud is one of our widest-selling mattresses, and consists premium cotton batting for better resiliency, easier handling and converting into a futon mattress.

The quality of cotton can vary significantly between mattresses. Longer cotton fibers allows for a more resilient mattress. For instance, our Wolf EcoCloud and UltraSleep Plus mattresses incorporate a high-grade cotton batting, which contain longer linter staples and provide more resistance and better resiliency.

Not only does cotton line the inside and make the outer casing of your mattress, but most bed sheets and mattress covers consist of cotton. Unless you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a silk bed set, you’re bed sheets are more likely a breathable, durable blend of cotton.

bed sheets

Our 100% natural cotton sheet set is hypo-allergenic and chemical free, providing the healthiest sleep option.


Mattress covers are essential for protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and unwanted sleep hazards. Our BedGuard Mattress Cover is a breathable, waterproof encasement. It’s also allergen-free.

It’s important to choose the right type of cotton, however. Some types of cotton can be unhealthy, and are often treated with pesticides and chemical additives that can make your 7-8 hours of rest unpleasant. That’s why it’s always best to go with 100% natural cotton for a healthier option.


Steel coils, also known as pocketed coils, are a key component for support in many mattresses. Aside from providing a suitable substitute for the trampoline when you were a kid, pocketed coils make the innermost part of a mattress, creating firm base support and long-term durability.

pocketed coils

More coils in your mattress don’t always mean more for your level of comfort, but they play a major role in reducing movement during sleep and offering overall support.

serta redbud

Our Serta Redbud consists of 312 individual cloth pocketed coils, layered with high-density and cotton batting for a lifetime of firm support.

Our premium mattresses are layered with a consistent, high-quality blend of these materials. Each product listing shows you the inside of your mattress, and provides labels for each layer of material, so you know exactly what you’re sleeping on. Check out any of our 16 mattresses to see what fits you best, and start sleeping healthy!

Choosing the Right Bed Frame

Unless you’re a professional couch surfer, your bed is most likely the most important piece of furniture you own. Why? Simply put, we spend an average of 110-120 days in bed each year.


With so much time spent in bed, choosing the right bed can be just as important as choosing the right house. With beds, most people think about the mattress, and rightly so, since it’s literally where you sleep. However, the bed frame is always the first place you start. It’s the foundation for everything else you decide to lay your head on. Here are a few things you need to know about choosing the right bed frame.



No one wants their feet hanging over the edge of the bed. A good rule of thumb is to always go with a frame that is at least 5 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping in it. Sleeping diagonally for more space is unhealthy for your back, and for your bedmate, it’s pretty much unacceptable.




Box springs can be a pain to move, and even worse for storage. Instead, platform bed frames are becoming more and more popular, due to their simplicity and contemporary design. Most of all, they don’t require a box spring. Our Nomad Platform Bed covers all these features and more. Not only is it one of our best-selling items, but one of the most price-effective wooden frames you’ll find online.

Our Nomad Bed Frame is one of the cheapest wooden bed frames you’ll find online


Bed frames can easily last a lifetime. It depends on the quality frame you get, but it’s just as important to know how much weight your frame can support. A bed frame’s weight capacity should always be looked at before purchasing a bed.


NOMAD BED FRAME – Weight Capacity

Size Weight Capacity
TWIN/TWIN XL 250 lbs.
QUEEN 500 lbs.
KING 600 lbs.



For the most part, the choice between a wooden or metal frame depends mainly on price and looks. Still, wood and metal are two totally different materials, and it’s important to know the difference in sleeping between the two.


When it comes to weight capacity, metal is usually the winner. For obvious reason, steel can withstand far more weight than wood. It’s generally more durable and isn’t as prone to warping or getting weaker. Foldable metal frames can also be extremely cheap, and even though they require a box spring, they’re easy to store and move.

pragma bed frame

Our Pragma Bed Frame is a modern take on the metal bed frame. Without the need for a box spring, its lightweight, foldable design is made from sturdy, fabricated steel. The dual-adjust frame features a manually adjustable design to accommodate a variety of activities such as sleeping, eating, reading, TV-watching, or lounging.


As long as you know your bed frame inside and out, a wooden frame should last just as long as metal. The advantages of metal over wood are not as big when you’re taking good care of your bed.

The major advantage of wood frames is its natural look and diversity. The textures and types of finishes for your wooden frame are endless. Unless your house is an iron castle, a wooden frame can always pay the perfect compliment toward your interior design.

Our Nomad Frame, like many wooden platform bed frames, are high enough to support underneath storage for extra furniture such as our Rolling Drawers and Roll-Away Trundle Frame. An optional headboard (shown above) is also available for the Nomad Frame.

Re-thinking your Sleep Position – What type of sleeper are you?

Sleep comes naturally to us all. It’s a basic instinct, telling our brain and body that it’s time to turn off the Netflix and get some sleep. But what about the actual physical act of sleeping? Some of us sleep on our side, others on our back. It’s normal to pick the most comfortable position and simply fall asleep, but just because it comes so natural, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t re-think your sleep position.


Animals have some of the most distinctive sleep positions, but for all the right reasons. Hundreds of years of adaptation have created the most beneficial sleeping habits of certain animals

Re-evaluating your sleeping position can play a huge role in determining not just the next day, but your long-term health. Chances are you already have a sleep position that works best, but what you may not know is that each sleep position has its own long-term benefits and harms. Check out which position you belong to, and whether you should change:


GOOD: For health purposes, most people agree that sleeping on your back is the best position. Here are some of the major long-term benefits:

– Preventing skin problems: Simply put, your face isn’t against your pillows, meaning less skin breakouts, and best of all, less wrinkles.

– Preventing Acid Reflux: Since your head is elevated, your stomach sits well below your esophagus, making it less likely for digested substances to come back up.

– Spine/neck health: By lying on your back, you’re not forced into any contortions. This means your back is straight and your mattress is supporting the spine. Of course, the best scenario would be to sleep perfectly straight, without even using a pillow to elevate your neck. This might be asking too much, but doctors agree, you’ll be glad you did.

BAD: People who snore or suffer from sleep apnea don’t always have the best night’s sleep. When lying on your back, the force of gravity causes your tongue to fall against the back wall of your throat, causing you to make that wonderfully annoying sound that keeps your housemates form falling asleep.

Also, elevating your arms while sleeping on your back can cause shoulder pain. For instance, resting your arms on your stomach can add pressure on the nerves of your shoulders. It might seem awkward and totally undoable at first, but it’s always best to sleep with your arms along your.



GOOD: There are practically a million different variations of the side position, and it’s precisely why a majority of people prefer sleeping on their sides. Whether you’re curled up in the fetal position or holding onto your pillow for dear life, most people will tell you it’s the easiest, most comfortable way to fall asleep.

– Pregnancy: Doctors strongly recommend sleeping on the left side during pregnancy to improve circulation to the heart. In fact, sleeping on your back during pregnancy causes heavy pressure on the lower body.

– Less snoring, avoiding sleep apnea: Doctors can sometimes encourage sleeping on the left side if snoring and sleep apnea become a major problem.

BAD: Sleeping on your side can cause unwanted pressure on organs such as your stomach, liver, kidneys and lungs. While alternating from left and right sides can prevent strain, you’re still putting pressure on some part of your body, which can lead to nerve damage, or random aching the next morning. Also, your neck and shoulder muscles will thank you in the morning if you try sleeping on your back.



No one would argue that stomach sleepers look like they’re getting the best sleep ever. When movies or TV shows want to show someone truly “passed out”, they’re always face-down in a deep sleep. Sometimes when you’re exhausted after a long day of work, there’s no other possible position, but all doctors agree that sleeping on your stomach has little to no benefits.

GOOD: While sleeping on your back can cause the most snoring, sleeping on your stomach gives you the best chance of easing the snores, as well as certain instances of sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your stomach means that the curve of your spine has no support. It can cause back pain, and since your head is turned to one side all night, this can cause unwanted straining and can eventually distort the alignment of your back and neck.


Accessorize – Great Additions to your Futon Furniture

So your new apartment is all set up and you’re finally moved in. Your futon furniture is in place, those college posters are hanging on the wall, and hopefully that new roommate of yours has finally got their stuff out of the way. All that’s left to do is wait for classes to start, so why not continue improving that living room or bedroom, and making it a better place to come home to?

When it comes to home furnishing, there’s one word you should always remember. ACCESORIZE! Buying that sofa bed or twin-size loveseat is one thing, but choosing the right accessories to surround your furniture is the key to bringing life to your home.


If pets can accessorize, then so can you!

A common misconception about futon furniture is that they all stand alone. In other words, most people buy their futon frame and mattress, thinking that’s all they really need. The truth is that a wide selection of futon accessories are readily available to match and complement any type of futon, and they’re just as cost-effective and reliable.

For instance, when you’re buying a sofa for your living room, a coffee table is practically essential. Most coffee tables can run a high cost, when all you’re trying to do is have a place to lay your books or feet on. Luckily, our futon accessories are built with the same high-quality poplar wood as our futon frames. The unfinished, natural look of our coffee table also matches perfectly with our Bifold, Trifold or Savannah futon frames.

Most coffee tables can run you $80 or more, even when you’re shopping at Target. Our coffee tables carry a natural, minimalist design with no sharp corners. Plus, they’re less than $50.

Our finished products, like the Winston Sofa Bed and Eureka Sofa Bed, feature a more high-end look. Designer furniture can be a bit more costly, but it’s all the more reason to accessorize.

Corona Table_Cherry_640x426 futon with drawers

The Corona Coffee Table and Corona End Table are made to match any finished frame. They’re made with the same plantation-grown rubberwood, and come in the same variety of colors as our frames. To save space in your living room, you may also want to check out our Rolling Futon Drawers, which fit perfectly underneath any of our finished sofas.

Of course, no sofa or lounger is complete without the proper cover and pillows. In fact, buying the right futon cover is just as important as buying the right futon.

teal_futon_cover        durable_pastel_futon_covers

At Shop4Futons, we offer four different types of futon covers that serve a diverse range of preferences. for everything you need to know about our covers, check out our Covering It Up article, all about futon covers.

When it comes to buying the right pillows, you can always use those old heavy ones that used to match that 300-pound, never-been-washed couch.



When youre accessorizing, its never a good idea to use those old, worn out pieces lying around the house


At Shop4Futons, everything from our frames down to our accessories are light and simple. Our pillows comes in a huge variety of solid colors and simple shapes. Most of all, they’re easy to take care of, and never go stiff.

Our Throw pillows and Bolster pillows are made from thick 6.7 oz. heavyweight polycotton twill fabric, not the thin sheeting material sold by many others.

Futons 101 – Intro to Dorm Life

They say that your freshman year in college is some of the most fun you’ll ever have. Every day, you’ll be meeting new people, living on your own, and doing a lot of those things you probably weren’t allowed to do in high school. Ironically, your biggest experience in college will be spent sleeping in the smallest living space you’ll ever see: The dorm.

cool college dorm rooms, dorm room

The average dorm room is only 12 by 19 feet, which means you, AND your roommate will have just around 230 square feet to lay your feet and spend that precious downtime. Whether you’re a high school graduate headed off to college next month, or a parent watching your kid leave the house for the first time, one of the most common words you’ll hear when you’re out shopping is “Futons”.

For sleeping and lounging, futons are just about the only types of furniture you can fit into a dorm. Luckily, they’re also the most cost-effective and reliable.


The most common type of futon you’ll find in a dorm is the Bi-Fold Sofa Bed. Not only is it a simple, lightweight design, but it adjusts between couch and bed positions in a snap. For the average dorm size, the bifold is the easiest fit. Here’s a quick comparison :


Technically, you have a choice between buying a metal or wooden futon frame. However, realistically speaking, wooden frames are always the obvious winner. Metal frames are usually weaker, and prone to shaking back and forth when you’re sitting down. It’s not the most relaxing either. Unless you have a fine thick mattress to insulate your posture, your back is most likely going to feel those metal rungs. Not to mention, that harsh, squeaky noise they make when you sit down is not the most comforting sound.

Our wide-selling Bi-Fold Sofa Bed is made of 100% unfinished poplar hardwood. Not only is it environment friendly, but it stays quiet and stays in place when you sit down.


Bed Position

Couch Position


If you’re looking for an alternative to the bi-fold sofa, futon lounger is a little less common, but just as convenient. Instead of just two of the bi-fold’s basic positions (couch and bed), our Tri-fold Lounger features a “lounger position”, providing a reclined angle with full leg support. If you want to take up less space and don’t mind a smaller width to your couch, the tri-fold is a perfect alternative.

Loveseat Position

Loveseat Position

Lounger Position

Lounger Position

Bed Position

Bed Position

When it comes to dorm life, space is always key. But even with a futon, it can get pretty tight, especially if you (or god forbid your roommate) bring too many items on the move-in date. That’s why lofted beds are a perfect way to expand your living space. Most college dorms offer the option of having lofted beds, which allow your futon and other furniture to sit neatly underneath.

unnamed (1) unnamed

When it comes to sleeping in your dorm room, you might even trade that rough dorm mattress for a better night’s sleep on your futon frame. But if you have to spend the night on a dorm mattress, shop4futons can still help out.


Dorm mattresses are known to be thin and unstable, but with a Campus Mattress Topper, you won’t feel it at all. With 2 inches of high quality memory foam, it’s a perfect, body sensitive support between your back and that unstable dorm bed.

Spring Cleaning and Getting Your Futon Ready

It was just like any other winter until out of nowhere, everything just froze, bringing us one of the coldest winters in history! Unless you’re living in South Florida or somewhere in Santa Barbara, you probably haven’t left your house in quite some time.


Hopefully your living room doesn’t look like this

It seems like the recent cold spell will never end, but very soon we’ll finally get to open our windows and once again and enjoy the warm sun.  When the pleasant weather finally returns, that can only mean one thing: Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning is more important than you might think. A thorough, top to bottom cleaning of your house can make all the difference during the first warm days of the year. Getting rid of all that dust and household grime that accumulates in the winter will help you avoid getting sick, and also make you more productive overall.

dirtysofa catsofa

When it comes to spring cleaning, the most commonly used household items are obviously sleep and lounge furniture. Our futons aren’t just cheap and efficient, but they’re also easy to clean and maintain. Here are some very useful tips on how to properly clean your futon items and make the most of your house for the spring.


The Vinegar Approach – This method is often regarded as the most organic and effective at cleaning your futon. Using vinegar is best when you’re trying to get rid of mold and mildew. Not only does vinegar fight mold and mildew, but it also removes the stains that might result:

  • Mix one cup of white distilled vinegar with about four cups of water.
  • Use a sponge or thick cleaning material that hasn’t been used.
  • After the sponge absorbs the vinegar mixture, squeeze out any excess solution, then dab the areas of your mattress that are infected with mold or mildew.
  • Once you’ve dabbed all the areas, dry your futon mattress outdoors so the sun will kill any bacteria and also remove odors.

Steam Cleaning – For soaked stains and spots that are really tough to remove, a steam cleaner can come in handy.

  • With the mattress cover removed, use the steam cleaner against any visible surface stains.
  • Be sure not to apply too much pressure and avoid getting the mattress wet. Otherwise, it will take a longer amount of time to dry and attract bacteria more easily.
  • Once you’re done steam cleaning, use a damp cloth to clean those same areas. Once again, make sure you don’t get the mattress too wet.
  • Set your mattress out to dry in the sun. Make sure it’s completely dry before taking it back in.
  • Once your futon mattress is dry and back inside, vacuum the surface all over to make sure its dust and dirt free.

Your Futon Mattress Cover

At Shop4Futons, we offer a huge selection of futon mattress covers, ranging from 4 different types of materials to over 50 colors. Despite the wide variety, there’s a specific approach to cleaning a futon cover, and it applies to all the covers we sell.

  • All of our covers are treated with a stain resistant finish that can wash out if cleaned in a washing machine.
  • Make sure you vacuum the fabric to remove any dust, then wipe the surface with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. You can use just water to treat the cover, but the vinegar approach works just the same as it does on your mattress.
  • Once you’ve dabbed the areas you need, use a dry cloth to treat the dampened areas.
  • As a last resort, covers can be washed in a conventional washing machine using cold water on a delicate setting. When drying, it’s best to use a medium heat setting. Once your cover is washed and dried, we recommend you retreat the fabric with a spray on fabric protector such as Scotch Guard.


Sleeping Green for 2015

The New Year is fast approaching, and if you haven’t already made a New Year’s resolution for yourself, then you’re probably looking for one you can really stick by. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are health-related, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising. But the sad news is that the majority of us fall short on our promises, and end up saving our resolutions for the next year.

new year's resolutions

At least half of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions are health-related

If you’re looking for a health-related resolution you can really stick with, how about a New Year’s resolution you can keep while you’re asleep? After all, we spend about a third of the day asleep. It’s important to care for the time you’re in bed as much as the time you’re awake.

While most of us worry about getting a good night’s sleep, the real danger is the furniture we’re sleeping on. Lots of mattresses and mattress frames contain hazardous chemicals that are not only linked to cancer, but hormonal and neurological issues as well. Formaldehyde, which is used as an adhesive to hold mattresses together, has been linked asthma, allergies, lung, nose, and throat cancers. Dimethylfumate is another chemical found in sofas and lounge furniture, which can cause rashes and increase the risk of allergies.


A large majority of furniture shipped from China have been found to contain hazardous toxins, such as Dimethylfumate

So, in this chemical-laden society of toxic words that are too hard to pronounce, what’s the solution to sleeping healthy for 2015?

First, start with your bed frame. There are a wide variety of hypo-allergenic frames made of natural, untreated hardwood. They’re light, extremely sturdy, and unlike most frames, they don’t require a box spring underneath your mattress.

Our widest-selling bed frame is the Nomad, made of 100% solid unfinished poplar hardwood, preferred by consumers seeking a natural, hypo-allergenic alternative to todays chemical laden products.

Our widest-selling bed frame is the Nomad, made of 100% solid unfinished poplar hardwood, preferred by consumers seeking a natural, hypo-allergenic alternative to today’s chemical laden products.

The second step is knowing what mattress to get. Each year, more and more consumers are seeking out futon mattresses made of Organic Cotton Batting and Organic Wool. These high-quality mattresses are efficient, non-toxic, and just as durable as their toxic alternatives.


The Wolf EcoCloud is just one of our many mattresses which contain natural cotton batting.

By making the switch to organic furniture. Fulfilling your New Year’s resolution has never been easier, and you can do it all in your sleep!

Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

With the surge of major holidays just around the corner, there’s no avoiding the inevitable. One way or another, your relatives will be coming home for the holidays. But if you happen to be the unlucky host for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas celebration, making room for your overbearing sister and that annoying husband of hers doesn’t have to be a total nightmare.



With Shop4Futon’s frame/mattress combos, creating the perfect guest bedroom has never been cheaper and easier. And best of all, you can do all the shopping at your computer.



So before you start stressing out, here are some products to help you conquer the most stressful part of the holiday season.

$89 – $99
EcoFrame242 Made from the same poplar hardwood as our high quality frames, the EcoBed Frame is among the sturdiest platform beds you’ll find. Due to its design and height above ground, the EcoBed does not require a box spring, so the mattress alone can sit firmly on top.
$89 – $104
GuestBed If you want to get even more efficient, our Fold-A-Bed is exactly what the name says. Also known as “The Perfect Guest Bed”, the Fold-A-Bed is designed to quickly fold up for storage when not in use.
Nomad Frame/Drawers
approx. $225
CharlW_DrawersOut5 If you want to get even more efficient, our Fold-A-Bed is exactly what the name says. Also known as “The Perfect Guest Bed”, the Fold-A-Bed is designed to quickly fold up for storage when not in use.
Bedside Table
Table_End If you want to get even more efficient, our Fold-A-Bed is exactly what the name says. Also known as “The Perfect Guest Bed”, the Fold-A-Bed is designed to quickly fold up for storage when not in use.
TV Table
TV_Table242px Maybe you’d be willing to spend a little more to accommodate those relatives. If so, you might want to set up a TV, and of course, a TV Table. Just like our Bedside Table, the TV table is study and very easy to assemble.
EcoCloud Mattress
EcoCloud500px While some families will whip out the blow-up air mattress for their loved one, the Wolf EcoCloud mattress is perfect for guest living. It’s 7-8-inches thick and contains multiple layers of high quality cotton and foam material designed to support everyday use.

Minimalist Guest Room

EcoBed OR Fold-A-Bed (full-size) $99
Bedside Table $39
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = Under $300

Go a Little Bigger

Nomad Bed Frame (full-size) and Drawers approx. $225
Bedside Table $39
TV Table $49
EcoCloud Mattress (full-size) $129
TOTAL = Under $500

Living Large on a Small Budget – Could furnishing your home be any easier? Could sleeping or lounging be any more adaptable, customizable and cost-efficient than a futon frame?…..

a b

You don’t need to conduct a survey to find what attracts most online shoppers to their product of choice. It’s obvious that customers are looking for the best price. Still, when it comes to shopping for furniture, it’s always best to keep your mouse cursor away from the “sort by lowest price” button…at least for a little while.

price price3

Some of our widest-selling futon frames are the Bi-fold Sofa Bed, Savannah Sofa Bed, and Nomad Bed Frame, made of natural, unfinished poplar wood. But for those can spare a little extra change, or simply love to browse, there’s a whole other line of high-end futon products just waiting to be discovered.

The Portofino frame features a long curvature, big arm rests, and a magazine rack on both sides.

The Portofino frame features a long curvature, big arm rests, and a magazine rack on both sides.


The Venice frame features sleigh-style armrests. Try sitting on one of these, and it’ll feel like your arms just moved into a mansion in the hills.

The Venice frame features sleigh-style armrests. Try sitting on one of these, and it’ll feel like your arms just moved into a mansion in the hills.

Our finished frames feature some of the most elaborate design and state-of-the-art construction you’ll find. Solid Malaysian rubberwood is one of the finest woods available for home furnishing. All of the rubberwood in our finished frames comes from trees grown on plantations, which means that no rainforest materials are used. Not only that, but rubberwood is produced on a smaller scale, which means it’s harder to find a piece of furniture this nice!


Another perk about our finished frames is just that—they already have a finish on them. Most high-end frames offer a selection of three unique colors. You can match your hardwood floors with a cherry or honey oak finish, or if you want a darker color to contrast with some of the brighter features in your living room, our dark Java finish can be the perfect addition.

Of course, once you start browsing the high-end frames, you’ll eventually find yourself looking at all the high-end accessories that can come with it.

Corona Table (Cherry) 640x426 drawers close up

Our Corona end tables and coffee tables feature the same selection of finishes for color matching. They also contain the same type of rubberwood and a smooth curvature to match the style and construction of your frame.

But even with all of these unique features, there’s one thing about our high-end frames that stays the same as all the other frames we offer: They’re portable, easy to assemble, and delivered right to your door. And of course, they last a lifetime.